Ce Inseamna Cuvantul Agreement

AGRE-MéNT [AGR-MANT] s. n. official agreement. (< engl. agreement) Noun neutral agreement (agreement) (angl.) [pron. rigged] (a-gree-) s. n. nomen neutral agreement GENTLEMEN`S AGREEMENT (Pron.: generalemen) s.m. international agreement that has been concluded orally, which has no legal consequences, but only creates moral obligations between the parties; Communication between men of honor.

(< gentlemen`s agreement) neutral noun gentlemenament GENTLEMEN`S AGREEMENT loc.s. agreement, an oral agreement that does not have legal consequences, but only creates moral obligations between the parties; Communication between men of honor. ♦ simplified international agreement (usually in oral form, on the basis of mutual trust). [Pron. gentelmenz agri-enment. / < engl., en., it. gentlemen`s agreement < engl. gentlemen – gentlemen, agreement – agreement]. Non-contractual obligations (a non-contractual obligation is also known as non-contractual liability) occur when a person responsible for the violation of another person is required to compensate the victim in cases that are not related to the performance of the contract, such as road accidents, environmental damage or defamation.

The term is also referred to as illegal. Look for other words in the German-English dictionary. Indicate the agreement between the basic form of a word and its flexions. … DELUR-S, O`SA, hilly, – bone, adj. With many hills (1); Robust. – Deal… Alexandru Vlahuta – On the Hill On the Hill of [[Author:`Author“ “Author” (Disambiguation) It`s a page of implausity – a navigational aid that includes works of the same name. If a link… Article brought you here, please return and repair the link so that it leads directly to the planned page.

On the Hill, by Stefan Octavian Iosif By Article 1166 of the Civil Treaty, the new Civil Code defines the treaty as “the agreement between two or more persons with the intention of forming, modifying or suppressing a legal relationship.” The definition cited partly reproduces the old definition of section 942 of the former Civil Code, which, however, omits the assumption that the contract was entered into with a view to altering a pre-existing legal relationship, as the doctrine of the time found at the time. Therefore, the definition of the code is identical or almost identical to the proposed definition proposals in the old doctrine on the merits that: The contract is an agreement of will between two or more persons with a view to creating, modifying or removing a pre-existing law relationship. … PLAI, plaiuri, S. N. 1. The legacy of a mountain or hill the ridge, the ridge, the top of a mountain or hill; P. gener . Mountain, big hill.

2. Mountain region or hills almost flat, usually covered with meadows. 3. the road (or path) connects the tower to the crest of a mountain; Way. 4. Region, held; (in case of …