Child Safeguarding Agreement Template

Any organization working with children must have a child safety and protection policy in which you commit to protecting children from harm. Access our wide range of protection resources, including instructions on dealing with allegations of abuse, photographing and exchanging images, and writing a protection policy. [Insert the name of the organization] recognizes the duty of care to protect and promote the well-being of children and is committed to ensuring that protection practices reflect legal responsibilities, government guidelines and meet best practice requirements and [insert the name of the monitoring body]. Disclosure of Misconduct in the Workplace (Whistleblowing) This describes the organization`s commitment not to retaliate against employees who report any concerns about misconduct (including protection). Click on the links below to download the templates as Word documents. Explains the differences between protecting policy statements and child protection and protection procedures, explains how you make a statement for your organization and provides important information. Assess with our simple online checklist how well your security measures work in your group or organization. We`ve created this example that you should adapt to the context of your organization. It should be used in conjunction with our information on the protection of policies and procedures. In addition to a comprehensive policy statement, your organization should have a series of detailed policies and procedures explaining what adults need to do within your organization to keep children safe. Policy Protection This directive will help your organization protect people, especially children, adults at risk and recipients of assistance, from any harm that may be caused by contact with your organization. You must ensure that all adults and children know, understand and have access to your protection policies. All applications must be discussed with your association protection officer (designated for protection in your club) and notified in accordance with the policies and procedures of your national confederation (NGB).

Our guide to implementing safety measures includes everything you need to consider in developing your protection policy for children and adolescents who participate in sport. It sets out the obligation for the organization to receive and respond to complaints. It regulates procedures under “Treatment of Protection Reports.” You`ll find more security assistance in our other resources, the “Ensure Development” event and our two training courses: good protection practices and safety investigation management.