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The Busan Partnership Agreement establishes principles, commitments and measures that form the basis of effective cooperation for international development. The Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation was created as a direct result of the Busan Partnership Agreement. The Global Partnership will help ensure accountability for the implementation of Busan`s political commitments. After a year of in-depth consultations, the document was finalized at the fourth High Level Forum on the Effectiveness of Development Assistance. The Busan Partnership Agreement was supported by the government, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders participating in the forum. In July 2017, Air France-KLM entered into a strategic partnership with Delta Air Lines, China Eastern Airlines and Virgin Atlantic to consolidate existing routes between airlines. Under the agreement, Delta and China Eastern would each buy 10% of Air France-KLM, while Air France-KLM would buy 31% of Virgin Atlantic. [53] In December 2019, the purchase of Virgin Atlantic was cancelled. [54] The Busan Partnership Agreement is a consensus for which many governments and organizations have expressed support. It provides a framework for further dialogue and efforts to improve aid effectiveness. Countries and organizations represented within HLF-4 have been identified as contributors to the Busan partnership document, unless otherwise stated. Paris-San Francisco has become UTA`s first non-stop competition with Air France from Paris.

Air France responded by extending some non-stop flights from Paris to Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti, which was competing with UTA in Los Angeles-Papeete. UTA`s ability to secure traffic rights outside its traditional domain in the context of Air France`s competition was the result of a campaign to lobby the government to grow faster and become more dynamic and profitable. This is the wrath of Air France. [24] . On June 23, 2019, Air France-KLM plans to withdraw all Airbus A380s earlier than planned, as investments in cabin modernization and profitability would not work.