Jip Agreement

In a press release released today, Olympus confirmed that it has reached a final agreement with Japan Industrial Partners Inc. [JIP] for the transmission of Olympus` imaging business in early 2021. My organization is interested in participating in this joint project. Please send me the agreement on the Joint Industry Project for verification. I wonder: will Olympus IP/ patents (directly) related to cameras, electronics, FA, IBIS, etc. and lenses/optics also be “transferred” to PIJ? or do they simply get a licensing agreement to use them, but no transfer of ownership? In other words, PIJ was unable to make money quickly by selling these patents or by granting them to third parties. Tokyo, September 30, 2020 – Olympus Corporation (“Olympus”) today entered into a final agreement with Japan Industrial Partners Inc. (“JIP”) for the transmission of Olympus Imaging`s business. As part of the agreement, Olympus will transfer its imaging business to a newly created 100% subsidiary of Olympus (the “New Imaging Company”) through absorption splitting.

Subsequently, as of January 1, 2021, 95% of New Imaging Company`s shares will be transferred to OJ Holdings, Ltd., an ad hoc entity created by JIP. We have already seen new Olympus models since the last Sony APSC model. I think there will also be an Olympus camera or PIJ E-PLx in the next 6 months. There`s a good chance we`ll never see a new Sony APSC or A Mount camera again, I also wonder what`s going to happen to Nikon. If they don`t turn things around next year, it becomes interesting. Have you read anything about this in a press release? The E-P Sound and Marine Life Joint Industry Program provides independent researchers with a financial opportunity to study important global issues related to marine noise. Aid usually takes the form of contracts, not grants. The contracts ensure that the projects supported focus on an agreed theme and that the results are made available to the scientific and regulatory communities and the public on an agreed timetable. IBM -> Lenovo (large laptop btw; I had my W510 equipped 10 years after six years of non-use, and it works very well) is a good example, but not quite comparable. We will see how it works; I wish them the best of luck. None of this is important to those who have cameras that work. They will continue to shoot, and the lens ecosystem is larger than any other mounts.

It`s not that everyone`s investment in support suddenly evaporates, nor does any of the functions Olympus supports (and others don`t) to stop working. The guy they need is Steve Huff the guy who runs a long race photo blog. He has some very special secondary skills that will be useful. Olympus (JIP) will also use BIS sensors in the future. Sell the 45mm f/1.2 for US$999 for the U.S. market. Sell the 25mm f / 1.2 for $949 “Sell the 75mm f/1.8 for 649” “Sell the revised 40-150mm f/2.8 for `1100″ ” On top of bare bone bases (yes in 2020, 4k60 is a fundamental need), they need to implement smarter things.