Que Quiere Decir User Agreement

If you purchase a payment subscription without a trial period, you allow Spotify to automatically charge a monthly fee until you cancel. You agree that the cooling-off period will be available within 14 calendar days of purchase, but that it will be lost as soon as you use the Spotify service during that time. On our website, you will find a description of our service options; When you create a Spotify account, we`ll explain the service options available to you. Some options are available free of charge. The Spotify service, which does not require payment, is currently called “Free Service.” Other options require payment before accessing them (the “payment subscriptions”). We may also offer advertising plans, subscriptions or special services, including third-party product offerings that are offered with or via the Spotify service. We are not responsible for the products and services provided by these third parties. We reserve the right to modify, terminate or otherwise modify the offer of our subscription plans and promotional offers at any time, in accordance with these conditions and in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to these plans and offers. If you did not purchase the payment subscription in advance: Payment to Spotify or the third party through which you purchased the payment subscription is automatically extended at the end of the current subscription period, unless you cancel the payment subscription before the end of the corresponding subscription period by clicking here if you purchased the payment subscription via Spotify or if you purchased the payment subscription through a third party by terminating the payment subscription through that third party. The termination is made from the day after the last day of the current subscription period and you update to the Free Service category. If you purchased your payment subscription via Spotify and terminate your payment or paid subscription and/or terminate any of the agreements (1) after the end of the cooling-off period (if any) or (2) before the end of the current subscription period, we do not refund the subscription amounts already paid. If you want a full refund of all amounts paid to Spotify before the end of the cooling-off period, you should contact customer service.

If we continue with the refund, we will use the same funds you used for the payment. If your country is marked with an asterisk in the field below and you need the consent of the parent or legal guardian, your parent or legal guardian will sign the contract on your behalf. In addition, you and Spotify agree with the jurisdiction of the following jurisdictions to resolve disputes, claims or controversies arising from or related to the agreements (and all non-contractual disputes or claims arising from or in connection with them). (In some cases, this jurisdiction is “exclusive,” i.e. no other jurisdiction or jurisdiction in the country can take up the case; in other cases, jurisdiction is “not exclusive,” i.e. courts in other countries may also have jurisdiction.