Subscriber Agreement Insurance

You agree that BFI may withhold 5% of all premiums written or assumed by BRANCH (the “Administrative Fees”) as compensation for BFI becoming an attorney-in-fact and attorney and managing the affairs and affairs of Branch. The remainder of the premiums is withheld by BRANCH and used for all expenses, including losses, loss adjustment costs, investment costs, damages, legal fees, legal fees, legal fees, taxes, investments, licenses, fees, other state fines and royalties, building up reserves and surpluses, and reinsurance, and may be used for other purposes decided by BFI are for the benefit of subscribers. BRANCH is also responsible for the payment of management overhead costs incurred by BFI, including, but not limited to, sales commissions, salaries and social benefits, customer/policy acquisition costs, taxes, rent, depreciation and delivery. All expenses can be paid directly by BRANCH or, if paid by BFI, be reimbursed separately from the administrative fee. The subscriber (“you” or “sie”) of the Branch Insurance Exchange (BRANCH), an Ohio-based mutual insurance exchange, agreed with all other branch subscribers and with Branch Financial, Inc. (“BFI”), a Delaware company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, as attorney-in-fact for BRANCH: they hereby appoint BFI attorney-in-Fact with the express power and authorization to carry out BRANCH`s legitimate business; and….