Ticketing Agreement in Sabre

Ticketing Agreement in Sabre: Everything You Need to Know

If you work in the travel industry, you are likely familiar with Sabre – one of the leading providers of travel technology solutions. Sabre offers a range of tools to help travel agents and other professionals book flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. One important aspect of using Sabre is understanding ticketing agreements. In this article, we will explore what ticketing agreements are, how they work in Sabre, and why they matter.

What is a ticketing agreement?

A ticketing agreement is a legal agreement between an airline and a travel agency that outlines the terms and conditions for issuing tickets on behalf of the airline. The agreement typically stipulates the commission rate that the agency will receive for each ticket sold, as well as the deadlines for ticket issuance and payment. A ticketing agreement also defines the responsibilities of both parties, including the requirements for issuing tickets, handling refunds and exchanges, and resolving disputes.

How do ticketing agreements work in Sabre?

Sabre provides a platform for travel agencies to book flights and other travel services on behalf of their clients. When an agency agrees to a ticketing agreement with an airline, they gain access to that airline`s inventory in Sabre and can issue tickets for flights on that airline using Sabre`s ticketing tools.

To issue a ticket in Sabre, an agent must first search for available flights and select the desired itinerary for their client. They can then view the fare rules and restrictions for that itinerary, including any ticketing deadlines or payment requirements. Once they have confirmed the booking and collected payment from their client, the agent can use Sabre`s ticketing tools to issue the ticket. The ticketing agreement with the airline determines the commission rate that the agency earns on each ticket sold.

Why are ticketing agreements important?

Ticketing agreements are important for both airlines and travel agencies. For airlines, ticketing agreements provide a way to ensure that their inventory is being sold by authorized agents who are following the airline`s policies and procedures. This helps to protect the airline`s reputation and reduces the risk of fraud or unauthorized sales.

For travel agencies, ticketing agreements provide access to a wider range of airlines and fares, which can help them to better serve their clients and earn more revenue. By following the terms of the ticketing agreement, agencies can also maintain a good working relationship with the airline and avoid disputes or penalties.

In conclusion, ticketing agreements play a crucial role in the travel industry, and understanding how they work in Sabre is essential for travel agents and other professionals who use the platform. By following the terms of the ticketing agreement and using Sabre`s ticketing tools correctly, agents can help their clients book flights with confidence and earn commissions from the airlines they represent.