Tssa Administrative Agreement

TSSA is committed to adding value to stakeholders and the public in terms of services. The signing of strategic agreements is part of this commitment. That is why we are committed to ensuring fair and equitable procurement practices when goods and/or services are needed. Ontarios Safety and Consumer Statutes Administration Act has established delegated management authorities for regulated sectors. These management authorities are responsible for providing programs and services to these industries and their consumers, services previously regulated by the MGCS. The purpose of the Staff Claim and Repayment Directive is to establish the rules and principles governing reimbursement of expenses during the activity on behalf of the TSSA. This policy provides a general framework based on accountability, transparency and integrity that supports TSSA`s value for money. . The TSSA Public Procurement Directive outlines TSSA`s requirements for the purchase of goods and services that comply with Ontario`s Public Utilities Procurement Directive, adopted by the firm`s Board of Directors in December 2014. The TSSA Directive ensures that TSSA purchases are executed consistently and adheres to four key principles: the data access and protection code for regulatory responsibilities, accessible through the procedural link, applies to personal information and data collected, used or disclosed by TSSA as part of the TSSA management of the designated law. Within the TSSA, we are committed to accountability, transparency and accountability with care, fairness and integrity.

We will ensure that all existing national requirements are met. It is our duty to our clients that the information we collect about them be used only for the purpose for which it was intended. Customer information is not used for other purposes, including discretionary business development or recruitment. The administrative agreement between MGCS and OMVIC defines the business of the MVDA that the Ontario government has delegated to OMVIC.