United Pilot Union Agreement

By increasing the number of pilots, United could quickly use temporary or faster demand trains. “We continue to try to reduce the number of involuntary Furloughs at United and are pleased to have been able to reach an agreement in principle with ALPA that could potentially save pilot jobs,” a United spokesperson said in a statement. The Air Line Pilots Association said Monday`s deal would encourage Es United to distribute fewer flights across the airline`s 13,000 pilots to save jobs until at least next June. Earlier, United and the union, which represents more than 13,000 pilots, said they had agreed on the principle of job rescue, but declined to provide further information and said details were still being worked out. United said last week that it would lay off 16,370 employees in October, including 2,850 pilots, in order to reduce the airline in line with declining demand for travel during the pandemic. United expects him to run only 34% of his normal schedule this month and 40% of the normal flight plan next month. The agreement, which will be put to a full-fled birth vote this month, will give older pilots with more than 10 years of experience the opportunity to use other premature separation options and adds restrictions on regional air flights. It also provides triggers for wage increases when passenger demand returns. The agreement, which is expected to be ratified by union members, keeps the current contract intact and has benefits for senior pilots, he said. The United chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) says on September 16 that the agreement is a “temporary lifeline” for the 2,850 United pilots who had been warned that their jobs could disappear after October 1.

The agreement was ratified by 58% of the pilots who voted for it. Most aviation union workers, whose jobs are being cut, have rehiring rights – usually no management and administrative staff. United started the year with 96,000 employees, 84% of whom were represented by unions. The Air Line Pilots Association has informed members of the agreement, which is expected to be ratified by pilots. The airline said last week that it planned to lay off or lay off about 16,000 workers, including 2,850 pilots, as of October 1, unless it received additional federal funding from Congress. CHICAGO (AP) – The United Airlines pilots` union reached an agreement with the airline on Wednesday to avoid the troubles of nearly 3,000 pilots if a federal ban on job cuts expires on October 1. The United agreement is the latest between airlines, which are drastically cutting costs during the travel pandemic crisis, and their unions trying to save as many jobs as possible.